Terms of Use

1. hortahotels.com is an internet platform to promote Horta family properties for short, mid and long term rentals uses this General Terms and Conditions. It is often referred in this terms as Hortalidays.

2. “Travellers” of Hortalidays.com platform are legal persons who use the services of Hortahotels to process their service requests for rentals of the Horta family properties. Often here referred as “Users” or “User” or "Travellers"

3. All Users are obliged to respect the Terms and Conditions announced in this platform in order to maintain a correct procedure of their services request.

4. By processing their requests in this platform the Users are giving consent to the validity of the Terms and Conditions here announced.

5. HortaHotels reserves the right to modify or amend any of the Terms and Conditions with any economic or legal requirement. All modifications will not become part of the agreed terms and conditions by Users until they have been given to Users to consent. It is enough for Hortalidays to notify and inform Users by email address of any terms and conditions modifications. If the User does not request their services cancelation, the consent will be granted automatically after 7 days from the terms and conditions changes notification.

6. HortaHotels owns the rentals and is full responsible for the accommodation, cleaning, check in and cohheckout of the “Guests”

7. HortaHotels is obliged to fulfill the provisions from public law, including Municipal codes and Property Rentals local codes, and by honour swears do to so. Booking and Payment

8. The payment should be processed prior to arrival, either by bank transfer or paypal transfer. 13. On the conclusion of the booking, Travelers will receive an email with correct information about the property. Other communication will be send both by email and by SMS to the phone number in order to provide information that HortaHotels considers pertinent for the stay.

9. Travelers are required to pay any remaining amount, security deposit and any other extra fees

10. The Security Deposit can be activated in case of any damage to the property during the stay or if the property is delivered in conditions that require extra cleaning or laundry. The decision will be made by inspecting the property

11. HortaHotels has the right to change the terms of the reservation, if any of the initial conditions is not met 38. In case of cancellation due Travellers decision, the following rules will apply:

  • No charge if 30 days before arrival 
  • 5%0 charge if less than 30 days before arrival
  • 100 % charge if less than 7 days before arrival
  • Exceptions may apply in the event of force majeure cancellations.

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